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funny and cute shirts for girls

About Us

We are a team of exotic creatures that people think don't exist. We are primarily composed of Unicorns, Mermaids, Greys, Fairies & Light Workers.


We run this website from Nibiru. Proudly, we have been on the Internet since 1623. It was manual at that time, but it worked. Glork used to have to turn a crank himself day and night just to make it run. He has 80,000 arms so he never gets tired.


But, he did get tired of being alone. We were the only website on the Internet at that time. We tried to trade links with people but there was nobody out there.


Eventually, people started approaching us about creating their own website. Of course, we loved the thought of that. Websites started signing up in the millions. We became the host of hosts.


But, one thing that we noticed was that there were a ton of funny t shirt sites out there. But, most of them were just poor misogynistic copy cats of the original t shirt wizard. The wizard is nice.


What we saw was a lack of feminized & funny t shirts. I mean, there were SOME funny girl's tee shirt companies out there. But, they were really lacking in the creativity department. They usually just used a boring arial text font or something.


In addition, they weren't aware of the dark side of cotton. Most people aren't. But, cotton is one of the most heavily sprayed crops in the world. They account for about 10% of the world's pesticide use & 25% of the world's insecticide use. That's a lot of spraying considering they only use about 3% of farmland.


I know that you are probably thinking: "Who cares hippy?" But, think about how often you've seen cottonseed oil in ingredients.


And, some of these chemicals are known to be quite toxic. They effect the health of farmers. They also lead to death for wildlife via water runoff. For more on that, go here.


I know it's just funny t shirt but we wanted to give you a choice. That's why we offer organic cotton, bamboo and recycled fabrics. In the future, we'll be introducing even more eco friendly styles. For the time being, we also offer a limited number of conventional cotton tees and allow you to make the choice. We are kinda like the illuminati : )


At least with us you rest assured that we'll be planting a tree with every purchase. We also buy our blank shirts from companies that give to charities such as "The Gulf Restoration Project" & "The Wildlife Trust".


In addition, we only use water based and Pvc free inks on our cutesy shirts and totes bags. Lastly, we use a merchant account that donates a small percentage of our profits to support Mr. Ellie Pooh. They make paper without trees. Click here to find out what they use.


In our cupcakes, we try to use only organic milk.


To be honest, it's almost impossible to be 100% eco friendly. We don't claim to be the world's most eco friendly company. But, we are doing a lot of things right and we are eco friendlier than all of the other funny t shirt sites out there.


There are many eco-friendly t shirt sites out there. But, they all have serious slogans about the environment and social causes. Where is the fun? We're here to bring it back jack! We're combining the best of both worlds. Being eco friendly and designing funny shirts and totes that girls will actually wear.


We are not special. Every corporation can do something. There are tons of eco firms that are looking for corporate partnerships. If you are a corporation and you want help making a difference then you can contact me here.


To everybody else, I hope you enjoy our "tease shirts", Tote Bags & Cupcakes.


Thank You